Coconut bacon.

A second take on a sweet & smoky bacon alternative, this recipe calls for large flaked coconut. I stopped by Organic Planet on 877 Westminster in Winnipeg to pick up a trusted brand, Let's Do...Organic. The bag was under $5 and I used half of it, saving the other half, just in case I buggered this up. Well, I didn't, and that part rules, so I baked up the second batch and am pumped to share the recipe. It's easy to get carried away snacking on these.. when it rains, it pours, y'know.

Large flaked coconut - preferably "Let's Do...Organic"

3 tbsp pure maple syrup
1 tbsp brown sugar
2 tbsp nutritional yeast
2 tbsp LITE Kikkoman Soy Sauce
1 1/2 tbsp liquid smoke
2 tbsp sesame oil
Cracked black pepper
Rock salt, to taste

Preheat oven to 300F.

Combine marinade in a bowl, stir well, and add coconut. Let sit for about 10 minutes. 

Scoop coconut evenly onto a well greased cookie sheet, separating as best you can.

Bake for 5 minutes, flip with a spatula, bake for 5 more minutes. Flip one last time and bake for a 5 minutes longer if needed. Be careful, it burns pretty easily. Pick out the noticeably gnarly bits as you flip.

Transfer to a big plate and let cool for at least 5 minutes.

Use on pizza, BLTs, salads, quiche, tofu scramble, etc. This stores well in a bag, in the fridge for about one week. 

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