Boon Burger white patty recipe. Via Ciao! magazine.

Ciao! magazine recently published a real banger including a heap of vegan-friendly, and easy-to-veganize meals and sides. What really stuck out was a 3 page spread on my favourite vegan eatery, Boon Burger.

 I was real pleased to see a recipe for the white patty, my favourite! (along with the Thanksgiving-burger patty), which is paired up with Louisiana hot sauce to make a killer buffalo chicken burger.

 I cooked up mine -- the recipe made 6 patties for me -- in under an hour. They freeze wonderfully. I mixed up melted Earth Balance and Frank's and brushed the whole patty and served on a whole wheat bun with Veganaise, celery, shredded cabbage & carrots.

See the recipe below - or click here for a larger image.

Thanks to Boon for sharing their recipe with Ciao! to share with us.
OH! And check out Boon on Facebook here too, will you?

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