Taste of Sri Lanka's Eggplant Moju

Just a few days ago I went to The Forks in Winnipeg with Bill to soak in whatever Winnipeg has left to offer tourism-wise. The Forks is still alive and well and the goose shit was aplenty. We bought some veggie rolls from A Taste of Sri Lanka and heard from the chef his recipe for eggplant moju was online. Today I made the recipe to a tee and it turned out perfect. Serving aside savoury rice or noodles would be key.

The recipe can be found HERE.


  1. I just ate this dish at the forks and came online to find a recipe like it. Can’t believe the actual recipe is on here! Thanks!

    1. Glad you found it! It’s really really great, and I look forward to heading back for their noodles and vegetable rolls soon. ��