Vegan borscht.

For those of you that have $10, an hour, and a major interest in cable knit cardigans. I've been peeling beets since I was a little girl, and even before the ventral floor of my nail bed developed, I was eating borscht. For decades, my grandmother has always put a big ole pig ankle in her borscht for a multitude of reasons. Though, now that I've got a soup pot the size of a 6 year old, I can now forego some of the more traditional Mennonite methods. For some of you, soup making is a walk in the park. For those of you that work best with a recipe, try this out and adapt it as you like along the way.

Yields 6 quarts / 24 cups / 12 servings

~6 medium-sized beets, enough to yield 8 cups
5 carrots
4 large red potatoes
4 medium-sized onions
~3 quarts vegetable brother or water for the stock pot
fresh dill, chopped
salt and pepper to taste

optional - tofutti sour cream and/or vinegar

Firstly, you need to boil your beets. Chop the beet tops and bottoms off so you're left with just the actual beet. Reserve the beet leaves for a salad, stew, or turn them into chips (much like you would whilst making kale chips). Boil the beets, skin-on, until tender. Once tender, you can peel off the skin wearing gloves, and dice.

Peel your onions, potatoes and carrots and chop into quarter-sized chunks. 

Bring a big pot of water (6 quart stock pot) to a boil with your water/vegetable brother. Add in all vegetables BUT the beets, and when the vegetables are almost cooked, add the beets in. Stir in more water as needed. Because you're boiling potatoes, you may sometimes get a bit of foam gathering up top - just remove with a serving spoon or paper towel. Let simmer for about half an hour, and add in the dill before serving.

Optional - Top with sour cream, dill, and stir in vinegar

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